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ByDr.Kumar Pati


  Lycopene is a member of the Carotenoid family which is the natural pigment responsible for the deep red color of several fruits, most notably tomatoes and other red fruits. It name is derived from the tomato’s species i.e., Solanum lycopersicum (formerly Lycopersicon esculentum).

500 mg (60 capsules)
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  • Lycopene is one of the pigments called carotenoids. Since the human body cannot synthesize them, it is necessary to take a supplement.
  • Natural Lycopene is extracted from tomato skin. As a powerful antioxidant, it is widely used for prostate, cardiovascular system, delaying aging, and skin care, etc.
  • It's extracted by Ethyl acetate and ethanol from fresh tomato skin
    Product advantage
  • Natural alternative to synthetic lycopene.
  • Highly efficient free radical scavenger.
  • Extracted from fresh tomato paste, safer and easily absorbed.
  • Prostate protection: It can inhibit oxidation damages and inflammations, which are related to prostate cancer.
  • Cardiovascular protection: Researches show that there is a negative correlation between blood lycopene level and aortic atherosclerosis risk.
  • Strong antioxidative activity: Lycopene is the strongest antioxidant in carotenoids.
  • Skin care
  • Anti-cancer
Applied for male health, cardiovascular health, antioxidant, skin nutrition, etc.
  • Nutrient-rich food: Nutritional fortification for grain bar, drinks, biscuits, etc.
  • Natural pigment for food: For beverage, dairy products and baked goods.
  • Skin care products: For skin aging and erythema improvement, pigmentation and other skin problems.
    • Carbon
    • Hydrogen

    3D Molecular Structure of Lycopene